Tier 1 Genuine Entrepreneur Test What is the Tier 1 Genuine Entrepreneur Test?

The Tier 1 Genuine Entrepreneur Test was introduced in January 2013 to ensure that those applying under the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa are genuinely intending to and able to set up a business in the UK. It requires an applicant to demonstrate the credibility and viability of their proposed business venture. The Home Office does not set out exactly what criteria you will need to meet with to demonstrate that you satisfy this requirement; instead the Home Office look at certain factors, which we have outlined below, to ascertain the genuineness of an application.

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How easy is it to meet with the Tier 1 Genuine Entrepreneur Test?

It is notoriously difficult to pass the Genuine Entrepreneur Test. The Home Office base their decision on the supporting information provided in the documents bundle and on the answers provided during the Tier 1 Entrepreneur interview.

Factors the UKVI will take into consideration to assess whether an applicant meets with the Tier 1 Genuine Entrepreneur Test

In order to ascertain whether an applicant meets with the Genuine Entrepreneur Test, the Home Office will consider the following:

  • Does the applicant genuinely have access to the required amount of funds for the purposes of investing in the business or businesses?
  • How will the applicant invest the required amount of funds into the business? Is this a viable and credible investment?
  • Consider the business plan provided to ascertain the exact nature of the proposed business and consider the market research carried out by the applicant.
  • Consider the applicant’s educational background and relevant work experience to ascertain whether the applicant has the relevant skills and expertise to successfully conduct the business venture proposed.

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We are a niche immigration law firm who specialise in advising on the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa process and all related matters. Our team of specialist immigration solicitors can assist you with the entire application process or simply advise on a particular area such as the Genuine Entrepreneur requirement, the Tier 1 team entrepreneur visa, the Tier 1 accelerated settlement process or other High Net Worth immigration matters like the Sole representative of an overseas business visa.

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