What are Grievance Complaints?


Grievance complaints can be filed when an employee has a particular issue or concern that is either unresolved or unsatisfactorily resolved even after discussing it with a superior. After filing the formal complaint there is usually a meeting to further discuss the issue.

What is the procedure?

Employers must legally provide a written grievance procedure that informs all employees of what steps to take. The written procedure must include details of who to contact to file a grievance complaint and how to contact that person.

The written procedure must also inform employees of the entire process, including what steps to take if the issue is not resolved informally and the time limits between each step. However, during any stage of the procedure, mediation could be considered to help resolve the problem.

Throughout the grievance procedure, the employee and employer should follow the ACAS code of practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures.  Although following the code of practice is not a legal obligation, bringing the case forward to an employment tribunal without consulting the code of practice can increase or decrease the money awarded in a case by up to 25%.

How can NA Law help?

With specialist employment law advice we can help you guide you through the entire procedure whilst informing you of all legal options available to you. Whether you are an employer dealing with a grievance complaint or employee seeking to file one, NA Law can help you mediate through even the most complex issues in the workplace.

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