Current Innovator visa endorsing bodies?

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and endorsing bodies may be added or removed. The current list, as released by the Home Office, is as follows:

The Bakery

The Bakery is seeking to endorse legitimate entrepreneurs who qualify for one of their four corporate innovation programmes which comprise of;

  • Start programme
  • Accelerate programme
  • Partner programme
  • Investor programme

Bethnal Green Ventures

Bethnal Green Ventures are an early stage endorsing body in the technology sector, who endorse start-up entrepreneurs who are accepted onto their support programmes.

Capital Enterprise

A body of connectors, investors, influencers and policymakers who collaborate to scale Start-ups in London. They claim to only endorse founder within their community however, this may change in the future.


One of the world’s largest emerging cyber businesses, CyLon run a 3-month accelerator and 1-week pre-accelerator programmes. Applicants are welcome from any company interest to help secure the digital economy. The deadline for the accelerator programme is for early July.

Deep Science Ventures

Deep Science Ventures is eyeing candidates who are from either an engineering or scientist background, with aspirations to launch a deep science company

Founders Factory

Founder factory has over 60 operators willing to assist aspiring founders to grow their company. Additionally, they offer enticing incubator and accelerator programs. However, the endorsing body has yet to publish information of the requirements or endorsement process.


Ignite provide both the Pre-Accelerator and Accelerator programme that are based In the North East and Northern Ireland. They are looking to only endorse applicants who are successful in applying for their accelerator programmes.

Invest Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s regional business development agency are aiming to grow the local economy while, endorsing entities for start-up/innovation visa participation on its accelerator program.


Based in Sheffield, Kollider recruitment is focused on digital and tech entrepreneurs. They run an incubation program which offers additional mentorship, skills workshops and opportunities for funding via, Seed Funding, Start-up Equity and Investor Readiness. Information on the requirements and endorsement process have yet to be confirmed.


Level 39 support emerging tech companies through, access to world-class customers, talent and infrastructure. This organisation endorses people who are involved in FinTech, smart cities, cybersecurity, retail tech and international ambitious technology business.


Mischon de Reya run an accelerator for technology start-ups in the legal sector. MDR offer a programme where, they provide guidance. The application for their programme is currently closed since February 2019.

Med City

MedCity is currently operating within the life science sector including biopharmaceuticals, therapeutics and medical devices are examples. Applicants looking to be endorsed by MedCity, will require the successful applicant to relocate to the Southeast of England or London.

NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator, Royal Bank of Scotland Entrepreneur Accelerator and Ulster Bank Entrepreneur Accelerator

This collective of endorsing bodies all share a similar ideology for their accelerator programmes. Applicants will have to fill in an application form through the company’s website, where they must choose their ideal programme and preferred location.

Scottish Edge

Scottish Edge is searching and supporting prospective individuals with entrepreneurial talent based in Scotland. They run a competition which requires applicants to complete an online application followed by, a three-minute video presentation by the applicant. Scottish Edge are currently issuing endorsements as we speak and are urging individuals who meet the criterion to apply.

Seed Camp

Seed Camp operates in Europe with its HQ based in London. They are identifying and investing in world-class founders which attack the large global markets to solve real problems by using technology. The company are only willing to offer endorsements to companies they have invested in. Seed Camp has backed more than 650 founders and will endorse founders in alternative sectors.

Seed Haus

A pre-seed tech accelerator, Seed Haus are investing in early-stage founders to build start-ups across a variety of different industries. The application process has already begun and can be accessed through the online portal on their website.

SET Squared Bristol

Launched by the University of Bristol in 2002, SETSquared Bristol claims to only endorse technology start-ups that have satisfied their incubator criterion and are, keen to operate in offices located in Bristol. They offer an incubation programme that is only available to technology start-ups. They also currently support over 80 innovative ventures and hope that individuals involved with their current ventures are open to assistance and guidance to propel their company onto the market.

Startup Funding Club

The Start-up Funding Club is an award-winning early-stage investment organisation in the UK who provide seed capital and support to upcoming start-ups. They offer investors the discretion to invest directly or through seed funds. This organisation has yet to specify the information on its endorsement process or what is required of an applicant.

Tech Nation

A well-recognised endorsing body for the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent and Promise routes, Tech Nation are expanding now to be an endorsing body for Innovator and Start-ups visa applicants. Tech Nation focuses on entrepreneur products by digital technology business and are looking to start considering applications for digital technology entrepreneurs around September 2019.

Tech Stars

Tech Stars currently have two accelerator programmes which are Tech Stars London and Barclays Accelerator located in London. They typically find technology companies which are usually web-based or software companies. However, Tech Stars have stated they are willing to accept businesses who operate in different sectors. The application process is open four times a year for twelve weeks. The accelerator programme runs for 90 days where the individual will enjoy everyday mentorship.


Tech X provide their expert-level support within the oil and gas industry for accelerator and incubators in Start-up and Small/Medium Enterprises. Completion of the application process is done through their website.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh

RSE is an educational charity who provide useful knowledge and advanced learning socially, economically and culturally for Scotland. The endorsement they provide is only for successful candidates that have received an RSE Enterprise Award. RSE application process is open for applicants during Autumn and Spring each year.


Since launching in 2012, Wayra have invested cash and business development support to over 180 companies. They currently provide a diverse series of programmes in industries such as:

  • AI & Blockchain
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Technology Intelligent
  • Engineering
  • Mobility
  • Pharma


Zinc,  are willing to endorse applicants for an appropriate UK Visa. Zinc is looking to recruit founders who are ambitious, creative, innovative commercially aware candidates that have the ability to get things done. They also currently run a 9-month full-time company builder programme.

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How can NA Law help?

Choosing an endorsing body may be a difficult process, as there may be more prospective applicants than the number of endorsements offered by endorsing bodies. In addition, since the endorsing bodies have been given free rein to set their own requirements, you may be automatically excluded from some of the bodies, giving you fewer options to choose from.

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