EU and EEA Immigration Applications

EEA Immigration application

Update: some of the information on this page is dated and may no longer be accurate following Brexit. 

What has changed: 

  • EEA family permit will end by 30 June 2021 and is being replaced by EU settlement scheme family permit – see below for more information
  • EEA residence card is being phased out and after 30 June 2021 will not be available. The alternative will be to apply for pre-settled status under the EU settlement scheme
  • Can no longer apply for a permanent residence card and is being replaced by settled status (Permanent resident cards will not be valid after 30 June 2021)

EU and EEA Immigration Applications


NA Law offers a variety of services for European citizens and their family members under the new UK Points-Based Immigration system. Whether the application is for visiting or settling in the UK, NA Law will help you or your family member achieve all desired immigration goals with ease. Some of our most popular European immigration services include:

EEA Family Permit

  • Eligibility: non-EEA family members outside the UK
  • Purpose: joining an EEA national family member living in the UK
  • Requirements: demonstrating a genuine relationship between the family members. The EEA national must also be a qualified person
  • Visa duration: initially valid for 6 months with options for extension – click here if you are interested in a family permit

EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit

The EU settlement scheme family permit currently operates alongside the EEA family permit. The EEA family permit will no longer be available after 30 June 2021. 

  • Eligibility: non-EEA national family members outside the UK 
  • Purpose: joining an EEA national family member living in the UK
  • Requirements: you are the family member of an EU or EEA national, your family relationship started by 31 December 2020, your family member lived in the UK before 31 December 2020, and your family member is currently in the UK or will travel to the UK within 6 months of your application – all four criteria must be met to apply for the permit

Visa duration: usually valid for 6 months – click here if you are interested in a family permit

EEA Residence Card

  • Eligibility: non-EEA family member in the UK of an EEA national living in the UK
  • Purpose: to extend the 6-month Family Permit
  • Visa duration: 5 years

Permanent Residence card

  • Eligibility: EEA and non-EEA nationals already in the UK
  • Purpose: obtaining unrestricted ability to enter and exit the UK for the duration of their lifetime
  • Requirements: a non-EEA family member must have lived with the EEA national for 5 years continuously and the EEA national must have retained their status as a qualified person during that time. EEA nationals may apply for a Permanent Residence card but are not obliged to do so – click here if you are interested in applying for a permanent residence card

Please note that this article is not designed to list the full criteria and the complexities of the application process extend beyond the scope of the information given here. Prospective applicants are advised to seek legal advice for a thorough understanding of the requirements.

Settled status for European citizens with a Permanent Residence card

Those with a Permanent Residence card will have to exchange it for a settled status document before 30 June 2021. This is a new scheme introduced by the government for EEA citizens who already have proof that they are eligible for permanent residence. Exchanging the existing Permanent Residence document for a settled status document is free of charge and there is no requirement to prove continuous residence.

For more information on settled status, visit: Should I apply for settled status?

How can NA Law Solicitors help with EU and EEA immigration applications?

We are a niche immigration law firm that specialises in this area of law. Our team of specialist immigration lawyers can assist you with the entire process. From advising you on the appropriate documents to gather in support of your application to liaising with the Home Office until a final decision is made, we will retain our focus on your case to ensure no detail is overlooked. Get in touch for a 15-minute telephone consultation.

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