Immigration appealMaking an immigration appeal

If the Home Office has refused your application, you may be able to appeal to the First-tier Tribunal. You can appeal in the following situations if:

  • Your protection claim i.e. your asylum or humanitarian protection application was refused
  • Your human rights claim has failed
  • A decision has been made in line with the European Economic Area i.e. you are being deported or denied residency documents
  • Your British citizenship has been revoked
  • Your protection status has been revoked
  • Your status under the EU Settlement Scheme has been revoked or you are not satisfied with the length or conditions upon which you have been granted your visa
  • A decision has been made to deport you under the EU Settlement Scheme
  • Your travel permit or family permit has been revoked under the EU Settlement Scheme or your right to go in and out of the UK has been limited
  • You are being deported as a frontier worker or your permit has been revoked 
  • You are being deported as an S2 healthcare visitor or have been refused your leave

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When should I make an immigration appeal?

You should make an appeal as soon as the Home Office has made a decision as you will have:

  • 14 days to make an appeal after the date of the decision providing you are within the UK; or
  • 28 days to make an appeal after the date of the decision providing you are outside the UK

Appeal for applications made before the 6th April 2015:

You may be eligible to make an appeal for an application that was sent before the 6th April 2015.

Can I get asylum support?

Although the Home Office has refused asylum you still may be eligible to gain asylum support. Our specialist’s teams will be able to discuss this matter further with you upon having reviewed your documents.

How will my immigration appeal be judged?

The First-tier Tribunal is composed of independent judges who will hear both parties case. They will base their decision on either:

  • Reading the information you have provided to the tribunal, which include the appeals form and any additional documents that you provide
  • Provide a decision at a hearing where we will represent your case

What if the Tribunal refuses my appeal?

You will have the opportunity to make an appeal to the Upper-Tier Tribunal, who will be able to reassess your case and provide you an impartial decision depending on your circumstances.

However, if our specialist teams will advise you accordingly about all options available to you and advise you to make a decision on appealing the First-tier Tribunal’s judgement.

Why instruct us?

At NA Law we do things differently. We ethos ourselves in ensuring all of our clients attains good quality legal advice. Our specialist’s teams will carefully consider your case and inform you about the potential routes you may want to take in order to make your appeal. Furthermore, the following page may be useful if you are considering filing an immigration appeal:

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