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Global Talent Visa

Having opened on 20 February 2020, the new Global Talent Visa has expanded on the Exceptional Talent Visa.

UK Research and Innovation arranged the Global Talent visa for world-leading scientists, top researchers and mathematicians.

This visa will allow the UK Research and Innovation funding agency to endorse applicants along with the other science and research bodies that already endorse applicants for the Exceptional Talent visa. Find out the relevant endorsing body for your field here.

The UK Research and Innovation funding organisation will manage this scheme instead of the Home Office, enabling endorsed research organisations to endorse an applicant’s scientific credentials and potential. Consequently, the scheme will enable UK-based research projects, which have received prestigious grants from bodies such as the European Space Agency, to recruit the best global talent.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, wishes to open the doors to the “most talented minds in the world.” The purpose of this visa is to encourage immigration in these sectors and develop them after Brexit. It will welcome ideas, attract investments and strengthen trade allowing the society to benefit from the contributions of talented individuals.

The UK Government proposes to fund £300 million towards advanced mathematics research over the next five years. In addition, PhDs will also receive more funding, and the number of fellowships such as Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, the European Research Council and Human Frontier Science will be doubled.

Benefits of the Global Talent Visa

  • Applicants will not need to hold a job offer before entering. Neither will they be required to be tied down to one specific job. Moreover, the Home Office will not need to be informed of any changes in their employment.
  • People with a Global Talent Visa will be able to apply for settlement sooner after gaining entry clearance.
  • This route provides researchers with an exemption from the absences rule if they are overseas for work-related research. Therefore, the Home Office will not penalise them when they apply for settlement.
  • The visa allows for Applicants to bring family members with them. However, they will not have recourse to public funds.

European Union researchers make up close to half of the entire scientific workforce in the UK.

Previously, they did not need visas to work in the UK, however, following the Brexit transition period they will now need visas as freedom of movement will also end.

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