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Global Talent Visa

As of February 2020, the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent visa) has been replaced by the new and exciting Global Talent visa – a UK immigration category which provides the opportunity for talented individuals around the world to work in the UK.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the Global Talent visa, individuals must be a minimum of 18 years old and be recognised as an exceptional talent or exceptional promise in one of the following sectors:
– Academia or research (includes: science, medicine, engineering and humanities)
– Arts and culture (includes: combined arts, dance, literature, music, theatre or visual arts, architecture, fashion design, film and television – including animation, post-production and visual effects)
– Digital Technology (includes: financial technology, gaming, cyber security, and artificial intelligence).

To be considered an exceptional talent or an exceptional promise you must either:

  • Have won an eligible award – for information on eligible awards, please select which of the following Global Talent categories is relevant to you: Arts and Culture, Fashion and Film or Digital Technology.
  • Received an endorsement from an approved endorsing body in one of the above fields – find out the approved endorsing body for your sector here.

It is important to note that if you are applying for a Global Talent visa via the endorsement route, you must submit your Global Talent visa application within 3 months of receiving your endorsement letter to remain eligible.

How do you Apply for the Global Talent Visa?

Applications for the Global Talent visa must be done online, however, if you are already in the UK the application requirements will slightly vary. Please see the applicable guidance and application forms below:

Applying from outside the UK

Within the UK and extending your current visa

Within the UK and switching from a different visa

Benefits of the Global Talent Visa

– For those applying from outside the UK, if all requirements are met, you do not need to have a job offer before entering the UK.

– The visa allows you to bring family members.

– If you are a researcher the Global Talent visa route provides you with an exemption from the absences rule if you are overseas for work-related research.

– Acquiring a Global Talent visa can lead to settlement. If you gained your visa as an exceptional talent, depending on the sector you work in, you may be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain after 3 years or after 5 years if you obtained your visa as an exceptional promise.

How long does it take to receive the Global Talent Visa?

If you are applying from outside the UK, the processing time for the Global Talent visa application usually takes up to three weeks, and up to eight weeks if you are applying from inside the UK. However, there are certain circumstances where your application may be fast-tracked. If you are an applicant who requires an endorsement, the processing time for
endorsement applications generally takes up to 28 days, but again depending on certain criteria, you may be eligible for your endorsement application to be expedited.

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