How can I make a UK Spouse visa settlement application?

Using the UK Spouse visa to settleUsing the UK Spouse visa to settle in the UK (Indefinite Leave to Remain)

You can apply to settle in the UK (ILR) after holding the Spouse visa for 5 years. If you plan to apply for ILR after the initial visa and extension visa, you must keep in mind that information on all absences exceeding 180 days in a 12-month period will need to explained and may affect your application.

Further, you must meet the good character requirement. You must also have sufficient knowledge of Life in UK, and of the English language. For a comprehensive overview on the requirements of ILR, click here.

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Using the UK Spouse visa to settle: what are the requirements?

  • The Sponsor (British citizen or settled person in the UK) must be earning a minimum of £18,600 – this amount increases if there are children under 18 involved
  • You and the Sponsor must be in a genuine and subsisting relationship – the evidence needed to prove this vary according to individual circumstances

Using the UK Spouse visa to obtain British citizenship through naturalisation

You can apply for British citizenship straight after obtaining ILR if you are married to a British citizen. However, if you are not married to a British citizen, you will have to hold ILR for one year before applying for citizenship.

Continuous residency requirements include not spending more than 90 days outside the UK for that year spent holding ILR.

  • To read the detailed requirements to obtain citizenship through naturalisation as a non-EEA national, click here.
  • To read more about obtaining citizenship through naturalisation as an EEA national, click here.

How can NA Law help with your UK Spouse visa extension and settlement?

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