What can I do after obtaining my initial UK Spouse visa?

When initially applying for a UK Spouse visa, applicants usually have the option and intention to extend and settle in the UK. The Spouse visa is for non-EEA applicants who wish to join their partner in the UK, who must be either settled in the UK or a British citizen. Please read our brief yet comprehensive summary about the requirements needed to extend or settle a Spouse visa:

UK Spouse visa extension and settlementApplying for a UK Spouse visa extension

If you already have a Spouse visa and you’re looking to extend it, it is ideal to start thinking about gathering documents for your application even if the expiration of the initial visa is not yet due. This is because the extension requirements are largely the same as the requirements for the initial visa; gathering documents for the extension visa will be easier for you if you have just done so for the initial visa.

Similarities to the initial visa

You and your partner will still need to prove you have a genuine and subsisting relationship. To do this, you have to provide extensive evidence to prove you have been continuously residing in the UK over the period of the initial visa. You can submit the same type of evidence used for your initial application but the documentation must be up to date and cover the initial visa period of 2.5 years. This is known as the cohabitation requirement. The type of documentary evidence needed depends on the individual couple and their domestic situation.

The financial requirement remains the same; the sponsor spouse must earn a minimum of £18,600 before tax to prove they can afford to sponsor their spouse on the visa. This amount increases if there are children under 18 involved.

However, it may be difficult to extend your Spouse visa if there has been a change in circumstances, such as the sponsor spouse losing their job or earning less than the required amount. In either of these or other complex scenarios it is advised to seek specialist immigration advice for your options.

How can we help with your UK Spouse visa extension and settlement?

You can contact us for a 15-minute telephone consultation if you would like to discuss your immigration matter. We have extensive experience in individual immigration and we can guide you you throughout the entire application to ensure it is up to the highest possible standard.

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