When should you make a No Time Limit Biometric Permit (NTL) application?

No Time Limit Biometric Permit card application

Individuals who have their Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) verified in a passport or other valid travel document that is lost, stolen or expired can have their ILR proof transferred to a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) by making a no time limit application (NTL).

Are you eligible?

Anyone with settled status in the UK who does not have their current passport or other current valid travel document containing their ILR can apply.

Additionally, if an individual has changed any part of their identity since being granted ILR and wishes to update this on a BRP, they can also make an NTL application

Benefits of applying for a No Time Limit Biometric Permit card Application

It provides more security in comparison to the traditional vignette (sticker) as there is less chance for fraudulent activity such as identity theft and illegal immigration.

Secondly, it is a quick and convenient way to demonstrate a person’s right to stay, work and access benefits, all through one document; there is no expiry on the BRP card for those with settled status.

Benefits in employment

A vital aspect involves your employer being able to conduct ‘Right to Work Checks’ to ensure compliance under the Home Office regulations. Your employer is obligated to verify that their employees have the right to work in the UK; this prevents illegal workers.

Therefore, a valid BRP helps diminish any doubts regarding your entitlement to work and reside in the UK. Before May 2014, employers were still able to accept ILR endorsements in expired passports. Since then, List A has stated clearly that ‘a current passport endorsed to show that the holder is exempt from immigration control, is allowed to stay in the UK…’. It is therefore advisable for those who have their ILR endorsed in an expired passport to make an NTL application in order to prevent issues with your employer and your job.

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