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We are an independent law firm based in Brentford, West London that specialise in high net worth immigration matters and all other immigration matters. We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA). Our lawyers are highly qualified in all aspects of UK immigration law and employment law for both individuals and corporations.

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We specialise in all aspects of High Net Worth immigration under the Tier 1 points-based immigration category. We offer a bespoke service, tailored to meet the specific needs of clients, and provide practical, concise and accurate legal advice.

Our team of specialist lawyers offer a range of services for individuals in all aspects of UK immigration and employment law.

With the continued uncertainty surrounding the UK’s exit from the European Union, NA Law can help bring clarity for individuals and businesses alike regarding immigration and employment status in the UK.

We offer advice to education providers on their responsibilities as a Tier 4 sponsorship licence holder and work with them to develop and implement appropriate HR systems and procedures.

NA Law has a successful track record of providing UK businesses with practical solutions for all immigration and employment law matters.

We advise on and assist with applications centred around human rights, asylum or discretionary cases made outside of the immigration rules.

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NA Law Solicitors offer practical, precise and pragmatic solutions to your immigration and employment needs. We provide a bespoke service tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, whether they are an individual or a corporation.

Our years of expertise allow us to offer a solution-based approach to meet your desired legal goals, whether this is to visit the UK or to resolve a workplace dispute.

We are committed to providing a high quality, cost-effective service. We operate on a fixed-fee basis and therefore offer transparency and peace of mind when it comes to budgeting and costs.

If you require any further advice or guidance, please get in touch for a telephone case assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NA Law aims to provide a bespoke service tailored to meet the exact needs of our clients no matter your legal issue or goal without our clients having to break the bank to receive the best quality possible.

An immigration lawyer will ensure that your application is completed correctly and it is best entrusting your case to an expert who knows how to prepare adequate documentation for your case.

We specialise in immigration. This means that we focus all our efforts on immigration matters which means we have all the knowledge and expertise to handle any immigration related case. Getting it right the first time round will save you time and money whilst giving you the best chance of having a successful application.

A legal consultation is the process during which a solicitor will discuss a client’s situation at length and provides them with suitable legal advice regarding their current position, options, and identifies the eligibility and documentary requirements that would need to met to achieve the client’s desired outcome.

With our highly successful track record, NA Law puts clients’ interests first. It is for this reason that we care about safeguarding our clients’ financial interests and NA Law operates on a fixed-fee basis for transparency and peace of mind.

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