Roadmap for Employing Foreign Workers: A Comprehensive Guide for UK Employers

Roadmap for Employing Foreign Workers: A Comprehensive Guide for UK Employers


The right talent can often be hard to find. For businesses in the UK, the labour market may
sometimes fall short in delivering the ideal employee with the desired skill set. To counter this
challenge, businesses often explore the world of foreign employment. Employing overseas workers
can help bridge the gap, providing your organisation with fresh perspectives and unique skill sets. If you’re a UK-based employer seeking to employ foreign talent, here’s your comprehensive roadmap to navigate through this process successfully.

Employing Foreign Workers
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Why Recruit Foreign Workers?

There are numerous benefits to employing foreign talent, including Internationally Trained Workers (ITWs), who comprise immigrants, refugees, and international students who have studied or worked outside the UK. Here are some of the major advantages:

– Fulfilling Labour Requirements: ITWs are known for their unique skill sets and can fill gaps in high-skilled positions in several organisations across the UK.

– Accessing New Markets: ITWs often possess cultural expertise and language skills, thereby helping businesses venture into new markets.

– Increasing Competitiveness: With their diverse knowledge, ITWs can boost your company’s global competitiveness.

– Enhancing Efficiency: The introduction of ITWs in your business can stimulate new ideas and foster efficient business practices.

– Establishing Connections: ITWs can serve as a bridge to other potential employees and valuable international organisations.

Steps to Employing Foreign Workers in the UK

Acquiring a Sponsor Licence

To hire skilled overseas workers, UK-based businesses need to obtain a valid sponsor licence, which replaces the former Tier 2 sponsor licence. Once acquired, this licence remains valid for four years, after which it can be renewed.

Eligibility Criteria for a Sponsor Licence

To be eligible for a sponsor licence, your organisation must be operational in the UK and comply with the local laws. It’s also crucial to prove that your business can provide genuine employment in a skilled occupation and meet the Home Office’s wage rate.

Global Business Mobility Route

The UK Home Office recently introduced the Global Business Mobility Route, designed to recruit and engage skilled overseas workers on a non-permanent basis. It has five subcategories:

1. Secondment Worker: This path allows foreign workers to work in the UK temporarily as part of a high-value contract or investment by their overseas business.

2. Service Supplier: This route is designed for overseas workers working in the UK temporarily as a contractual service supplier or a self-employed professional.

3. Senior or Specialised Employee: Replacing the Tier 2 Inter-Company Transfer route, applicants must have at least 60 points to qualify for a sponsorship.

4. Graduate Trainee: This route, formerly known as the Intra-Company Graduate Trainee route, is designed for students enrolled in a graduate programme leading to a senior management or speciality role.

5. UK Expansion Worker Route: This method enables overseas employees to support a foreign company’s expansion into the UK, replacing the Representative of Overseas Business (Sole Representative) route.


By understanding the benefits and steps involved in employing foreign workers, UK employers can effectively fill talent gaps, expand their business horizons, and enhance their competitiveness in the global market. The Global Business Mobility Route offers several options to accommodate different types of foreign employees, making it an excellent tool for businesses aiming to attract and engage international talent. While these routes do not lead to permanent settlement in the UK, they provide valuable opportunities for employers and employees alike.

Remember, employing foreign workers is more than just expanding your talent pool—it’s about embracing diversity, fostering innovation, and contributing to the global labour market.

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