Complaints Policy

NA Law Solicitors Complaints Policy

At NA Law Solicitors we pride ourselves in being able to offer a well-respected, high quality and professional service to our clients. However, as a client, should you feel dissatisfied with the service provided or the service you are currently receiving, you are entitled to make a formal complaint. However, any complaint made will not affect your case.

Any concerns should be raised in the first instance with the solicitor responsible for your matter directly. The solicitor responsible will do their best and work with you to swiftly resolve your concerns.

If the solicitor responsible for your matters has not mitigated your concerns, please contact principal solicitor Najma Ali at or call her on 0203 524 5439. Or , you can post a complaints letter to 45 Quayside House, 8 Kew Bridge Road, Brentford TW8 OHT. The principal solicitor will then investigate your complaint further and do her best to get back to you promptly and in writing. Please note that we have a total of eight weeks to investigate your complaint.

If your complaint could not be resolved

After a complaint has been made to us, we will do our best to alleviate your concerns and resolve your complaint in the most efficient way possible. However, on the likelihood that we are unable to resolve your concerns/complaints after eight weeks, you have the right to contact the Legal Ombudsman (LeO). They will first investigate your initial complaint to ensure that you have tried to resolve the issue internally first . If you have, then you may file a complaint to LeO.

Complaints to the Legal Ombudsman must be made:

  1. within six months of receiving a final response from your initial complaint;
  2. no more than six years from the date/act of omission;
  3. no more than three years from when you, the client, should have known there was a cause for complaint.

For further information on the Legal Ombudsman:


Telephone: 0300 555 0333 between 0900 – 1700


Address: Legal Ombudsman, PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WV1 9WJ

Taking the complaint further to the SRA

 You may take a complaint further to the SRA if you are unhappy with our behaviour in solving your complaint. For instance, the Solicitors Regulation Authority deals with dishonesty , discrimination or problems with unnecessary payments . Furthermore, they also deal with solicitor misconduct.  Click here for more information on how to contact the SRA.

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