Everything you need to know about civil partnerships

A civil partnership refers to a legal relationship between two people, who are partners and who have no biological ties. Both same-sex couples and heterosexual couples can be in a civil partnership. A civil partnership provides legal recognition and protection, alongside certain rights and responsibilities that couples would’ve only obtained if they were married.

How to register a Civil Partnership?

For a civil partnership to be formed the couple must sign a legal civil partnership document, in the presence of two or more witnesses and a registrar. However, in certain cases registration is not required to be treated or have the same rights and obligations as those in a civil partnership.

To form a civil partnership, there are two practical steps that must be taken. The first is to provide notification of intention to register a civil partnership and the second step is registering a civil partnership.

Registration for a civil partnership can be made either at an approved civil partnership venue or at any registration office.

Who can register a Civil Partnership?

A couple can register for a civil partnership if the following conditions are met:

  • Both are over the age of 16. However, if one partner is 16 and the other 17 years old, then consent from their parents or individuals with parental responsibility is required to obtain a civil partnership.
  • Both have lived in the same area in England and Wales for a period of at least 7 years.
  • Neither of the partners is in a civil partnership or married.
  • There is no blood relation between partners.

What is the cost of registering a Civil Partnership?

There are fees associated with registering a civil partnership and providing notice to register a civil partnership. The amount of fees varies depending on location and venue.

A certificate will be provided upon registration. As mentioned above a fee is charged for registration. Click here for more details on fees.

How to end a Civil Partnership?

There are only two ways that a civil partnership can end, the first is if one partner dies and the second is via a court application to end the civil partnership. However, to legally end a civil partnership through the courts the partnership must have lasted one year.

How to convert a Civil Partnership into a marriage?

Heterosexual couples can not convert civil partnerships into marriage in England and Wales. Same-Sex couples on the other hand can covert their registered civil partnership into a marriage. Conversion can be done in two ways;

  1. Through a process called ‘a standard’ conversion
  2. Through a two-stage process where a ceremony is held and registering the marriage

There are fees associated with converting a civil partnership into a marriage.

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