Visiting the UK – holiday, business meeting, private medical treatment

Visit visaWhat can I do on a visit visa?

This visa is for anyone who wants to visit the UK for six months or less. Purposes for the visit can range from holidays, to see family, for business, or even for private hospital treatment. However, visitors on this visa cannot work or study in the UK.

Requirements for a visit visa

You must be able to show that:

  1. You intend to leave at the end of your visit;
  2. You are able to pay for your trip, including travel and living expenses;
  3. You are able to support yourself and any dependents for the duration of the trip;
  4. (If applicable) You have proof of any business activities you may intend to partake in during your stay.

It is equally important to provide a current passport with at least one blank page, or another travel document. Any documents that are not in English or Welsh must be officially translated.

How to apply

An online application must be made from outside the UK. It must be made no more than three months before the date of travel. Any applicable fee must be paid, and biometrics must be taken, if required.

Applying for a long-term Standard Visiting visa

You must prove that you plan to leave the UK after every visit, and that you will only ever come to the UK for visit purposes, for example, to go on holiday, meet family or attend a business meeting. However, if your travel history shows that you have repeatedly stayed in the UK for long periods of time, you may be subject to a long-term ban or even have your visa cancelled.

How can NA Solicitors help you obtain a visit visa?

Our specialist legal team will guide you through the entire application process. Although the application is seemingly straightforward, many visitors are refused permission to travel to the UK as they have not convinced the Home Office that they are a genuine visitor. We will provide you with high quality advice on your eligibility, documents required and any intricacies in your application to ensure that your status as a visitor is thoroughly reflected in your application.

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