What is parental responsibility?

Parental Responsibility A parent has parental responsibility when they have the right to have a say in issues relating to a child’s upbringing. This does not include day to day decisions that should be made by the resident parent.

This provides a parent with the right to be involved in important decisions, such as:

  • Where the child goes to school;
  • Choosing the child’s name or changing their registered name;
  • Appointment of a guardian;
  • Medical treatment;
  • Access to medical records;
  • Providing consent for the child to go abroad on holidays or extended stays; or
  • Decisions regarding the child’s religious or cultural upbringing.

Who has parental responsibility?

All mothers automatically have parental responsibility irrespective of marital status. On the other hand, a father must be married or in a civil partnership with the child’s mother or be registered on the child’s birth certificate. 

What are my options if I am a father who is not married or in a civil partnership with the child’s mother? 

A father who is not married or in a civil partnership with the child’s mother can obtain parental responsibility in the following ways:

  • Register or be registered as the child’s father on an existing birth certificate; 
  • Marry the child’s mother or enter into a civil partnership;
  • Have a Child Arrangements Order which lists the father as the resident parent;
  • Obtain or enter into a Parental Responsibility Agreement with the child’s mother;
  • Obtain a Residence Order; or
  • Apply to the courts.

Can I apply to get parental responsibility? 

You can apply to the courts where an arrangement can not be reached with the child’s mother. At any rate, there is a court fee of £232. However, you can receive help with court fees if you are entitled to certain benefits or are on low income. 

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