Inclusion & Diversity Policy

NA Law Solicitors Inclusion & Diversity Policy

NA Law Solicitors is committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion in the legal sector. Inclusion is vital to the success of our law firm and the way that we operate in the community. Our vision is to have a workplace which celebrates the differences of our colleagues and promotes open mindedness.


We value the wide variety of clients that we work with and constantly give the best accessible service to whoever we are advising. We will constantly strive towards protecting the characteristics written in Section 4 of The Equality Act 2010. For instance, we are determined to destroy unconscious biases and discrimination against ;

  • Age,
  • Disability ,
  • Race,
  • Religion or Belief,
  • Gender Reassignment
  • Pregnancy and Maternity
  • Marriage and Civil partnership
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation

As a result of our values on respecting everyone regardless of background, we are placed in a better position to meet the needs of our clients. We treat clients and employees fairly , justly and without prejudice.


Regarding employees, we strive to recruit a group of employees from a plethora of cultures as we believe this benefits our overall service by providing a range of viewpoints. Therefore, we work hard to remove any unnecessary obstacles to our recruitment process. Moreover, we will always protect them from any forms of discrimination. Furthermore, we have the option to work from home to aid accessibility. Absolutely no workplace harassment or any form of discrimination is tolerated.

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