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Global Talent Visa | Arts and Culture

If you work in the arts and culture sector , you may be eligible for a Global Talent visa to work in the UK.  There are two stages to this application called the endorsement stage and the visa application stage. You may apply for both endorsement and visa application at the same time, however it is better to successfully apply for an endorsement first.

Endorsement Stage 

The Arts Council England is in charge of monitoring endorsements for those who wish to apply for a Global Talent visa in the arts and culture areas. Those wishing to apply must be leaders of their field (exceptional talent) or have potential to be leaders of their field (exceptional promise).

Some of the areas that the Arts Council England endorses are:

  • Literature 
  • Theatre 
  • Music 
  • Dance 

Once you send in your endorsement application, the Home Office will hand it to the Arts Council England for review. Within eight weeks the endorsement should be decided. 

Criteria for a Successful Endorsement 

  • One must have worked in the field regularly for five years.
  • One must have produced work that is internationally recognised in at least two countries (if applying under exceptional talent) or a developing career that is recognised in at least one other country (if applying under exceptional promise).
  • One must be producing outstanding work that is either performed or distributed internationally.

Supporting Documents that will be Required

  • Three letters of recommendation from well established organisations in your area.

For exceptional talent you will need to prove two of the following:

– Outstanding media recognition for their individual works or efforts from two or more countries. Two or more examples are needed here. 

– Proof of winning an international award.

– Proof of internationally significant performances, presentations or exhibitions in two or more countries.

For exceptional promise you will need to prove two of the following:

– Proof of recent outstanding contribution to work that is recognised in the media in at least one country. Two examples are needed.

– Evidence of winning or contributing to winning or being nominated for an international award for individual work or contribution to work. 

– Proof from one country of appearances, presentations, exhibitions or performances that are recognised in your field of work.

For more detailed information on the documents needed, visit the Government website

How Can NA Law Solicitors Help?

NA Law Solicitors will help by ensuring that you meet the relevant criteria. Furthermore, we can help to gather and check that you have the correct supporting documents to increase your chances of a successful endorsement. Our experts will also answer any questions you may have regarding the process.  For further information, contact us now.

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