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Global Talent Visa | Arts and Culture

If you are an individual who works in the arts and culture sector, you may be eligible for a Global Talent visa to work in the UK. There are two stages to the application. The visa application itself and then the submission of supporting documents. However, if you do not have an eligible award for your field you will have to first apply for an endorsement.

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Application Process

The Endorsement Stage

The Arts Council England is in charge of monitoring endorsements for those who wish to apply for a Global Talent visa in the arts and culture areas. Those wishing to apply must be leaders of their field (exceptional talent) or have the potential to be leaders of their field (exceptional
Some of the areas that the Arts Council England endorses are:
● Literature
● Theatre
● Music
● Dance

Eligibility Criteria:

Exceptional Talent – To apply as an exceptional talent one must have produced work that is:
● Internationally recognised in at least two countries and;
● Provide proof of two of the following:
Outstanding media recognition for their individual works or efforts from two or more countries. Two or more examples are needed here.
Proof of winning an international award.
Proof of internationally significant performances, presentations or exhibitions in two or more countries.

Exceptional promise – To apply as an exceptional promise one must have a developing career that is:
● Recognised in at least one other country and;
● Provide proof of two of the following:
Proof of recent outstanding contribution to work that is recognised in the media in at least one country. Two examples are needed.
Evidence of winning or contributing to winning or being nominated for an international award for individual work or contribution to work.
Proof from one country of appearances, presentations, exhibitions or performances that are recognised in your field of work.
For more detailed information on the documents needed, visit the Government website.

Stage 1

1. Pay & Register Online

Total Fee

If you have an eligible award the total fee is £608 which you will pay in full when you apply for the visa.
Otherwise, payment is done in two parts:
● £456 when you apply for the endorsement
● £152 when you apply for the visa itself

If you are including any dependants in your application, they will also need to pay £608 each.

2. Upload Documents Required

An individual applying for an endorsement in Arts and Culture will need to provide the following:
1. An up-to-date CV that includes relevant publication history and career.
2. Three letters of recommendation along with no more than 10 pieces of supporting evidence that demonstrate recognition of your talent or promise is required. Two of the letters must be from established organisations that are experts in your field. At least one of these must be based in the UK. The third letter can be from an established organisation or a person, but they must be an expert in your field. Letters of recommendation must include the following:
● Must be about your Global Talent visa application, you cannot use a letter that was written for another purpose,
● Be signed by a senior member of the organisation,
● Relationship between yourself and the advocate,
● Your achievements in the field, and how you are a leader,
● How you would benefit from living in the UK,
● How you would contribute to cultural life in the UK,
● The plans you have for work in the future.
3. Evidence to support eligibility criteria as explained above. All of this evidence must be within the last 5 years.
4. Any other documents required by your chosen endorsing body.

The decision on whether the application is successful will then take a maximum of 8 weeks.

Stage 2

1. Home Office Visa Application

If your endorsement application is successful, you can then complete and submit your Global Talent visa application. The application fee is £152. You will also have to pay a biometric and immigration health surcharge fee. If you have dependents they will also have to pay this fee.
The general processing time for the Global Talent visa application is up to three weeks if applying from outside the UK and up to eight weeks if you are applying from inside the UK. For individuals who have applied as exceptional talent the processing time will be faster.

2. Appeal

If you are unsuccessful you have the option to appeal. This must be done within 28 calendar days. The assessor will thereafter also have 28 calendar days to review your appeal and make a decision.
If your appeal is successful you will get an endorsement letter of approval and can then go forward with the Home Office visa application.

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