Visit Visa RefusalVisit Visa Refusal – what to do next

When a Visit Visa has been refused, it can be very disappointing and even upsetting. However, NA Law Solicitors can help you make a fresh application if your Visit Visa has been rejected.

It is important that certain aspects must be considered, such as the initial reasons as to why your Visa was refused, any other reasons why your Visit Visa may be refused and if everything on the application is sufficiently clear.

What caused the Visit Visa Refusal?

We can help you assess and address each reason on why your first application was refused. It may be difficult to have a successful Visit Visa if you are not addressing the reasons for refusal directly. It may mean, therefore, that your subsequent applications are unlikely to be successful if you do not change, add to or amend the information from the refused application.

After assessing the specific reasons on why your application was refused the first time, we can determine what needs to be added or redone so that your next application is successful.

Are there any other reasons why your next Visit Visa application may be refused?

Even if you have addressed the initial reasons on why your Visit Visa application may have been refused, it may even be the case that certain rules pertaining to the Visit Visa or more generally to UK immigration have changed. If this is not picked up on, any later applications may be rejected by a different Entry Clearance Officer.

It can be the case that not enough evidence is being provided to prove a fact and therefore, we can decide what evidence must necessarily be included in your application. We can help determine what else may need to be changed or added to your application so that it is not refused again. We will look at the Home Office’s guidance for entry clearance which is used by the Entry Clearance Officer in order to maximise the chances for success on your application.

Is all the information included as clear as possible?

Many applications fail as they are not sufficiently clear. We can ensure that your next application is clear, succinct and precise. This will ultimately mean your application is easier to read and understand by the Entry Clearance Officer.

How we can help you make a fresh application

If you need help after your Visit Visa has been refused, contact us for expert advice on how to go about making a new application that both addresses the refusal and satisfies the immigration rules.  We also offer a telephone consultation on your immigration legal issues. Get in touch today!

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