Secure Your UK Visa Before Fees Skyrocket: Act Now to Save and Benefit from Our Expert Immigration Services

Secure Your UK Visa Before Fees Skyrocket: Act Now to Save and Benefit from Our Expert Immigration Services


Visa Application Fees
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As you may have heard, the UK government is introducing a series of increases to immigration and nationality fees effective 04 October 2023. If you’ve been considering applying for a visa, naturalisation, or any other immigration service, now is the time to act. Our specialised team at NA Law Solicitors is here to help you navigate these complex changes and secure your visa at today’s lower rates.

What You Need to Know About the Fee Increases

The upcoming fee hikes affect various visa types and services:

1. Visit Visas for less than 6 months: Increasing by £15 to £115.
2. Student Visas from outside the UK: A rise of £127, totalling £490.
3. Work and Visit Visas: A 15% fee increase announced earlier this year.
4. Priority, Study Visas, and Certificates of Sponsorship: At least a 20% fee increase.

The government aims to use these increased fees to fund vital services and public sector pay rises. However, these changes can have a direct impact on your immigration plans and budget.

How NA Law Solicitors Can Help

  • Cost-Efficiency: One of the primary concerns you likely have is the increasing cost of securing a visa. Our expert team can guide you through the application process swiftly and efficiently, ensuring you pay the existing, lower rates if you act before the 04 October 2023 deadline.
  • High-Quality Service: At NA Law Solicitors, we believe that high fees should not compromise the quality of service. Our comprehensive guidance ensures you’re not just paying more but receiving exceptional value and accuracy in your application.
  • Urgency: Time is of the essence. If you act fast, you can save a significant amount, particularly if you’re an employer sponsoring multiple applicants. We offer expedited services to meet tight deadlines.
  • Immediate Application Processing: We prioritise urgent cases to help you secure your visa at the current rates.
  • Expert Consultation: Our seasoned immigration lawyers offer personalised advice tailored to your specific needs, helping you choose the most cost-effective visa category.
  • Error-Free Application: Our meticulous review process ensures your application is error-free, avoiding potential delays that could cost you more down the line.
  • Budget Review for Employers: For employers, we offer a comprehensive budget review service to help you navigate sponsorship and talent acquisition costs amid these changes.

Why Choose Us?

As a premier immigration law firm, we pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective and high-quality services to meet your immigration needs. Acting before the 04 October 2023 deadline will save you money and grant you peace of mind, knowing your application is in expert hands.


The clock is ticking on the impending UK immigration fee increases. By partnering with NA Law Solicitors, you can act now to lock in lower rates and benefit from our unparalleled service. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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