UK Government Proposes Visa Application Fees and NHS Surcharge Increases

UK Government Proposes Visa Application Fees and NHS Surcharge Increases

Visa Fees Increase
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The United Kingdom government has recently announced a proposed increase in visa application
fees and the National Health Service (NHS) surcharge, changes set to significantly affect non-UK
nationals seeking to enter the country. This article will discuss these proposed changes, offering in-
depth insights on how they will affect individuals and organisations.

An Overview of the Proposed Increases

In a move that has sparked debates across various circles, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury
unveiled plans to hike immigration and nationality route fees and the Immigration Health Surcharge
(IHS). The main rate for the IHS will rise to £1,035, while the discounted rate for students and
individuals under 18 will increase to £776. The intent behind this hike is to cover the full healthcare
costs of those liable for the surcharge, with the additional funds being channelled towards pay rises
for doctors.

Understanding the Impending Surge in UK Visa Application Fees

The UK government is preparing for a significant rise in visa application processing fees. This
encompasses a wide array of immigration routes, with work and visit experiencing a surge of
15%. Meanwhile, other categories including study visas, certificates of sponsorship, settlement,
citizenship, wider entry clearance, leave to remain, and priority visas are set to escalate by at least
20%. These proposed changes underline the importance of prompt and accurate visa application

How Will These Changes Impact Visa Applicants?

The impact of these changes will be felt primarily by visa applicants, whose cost of entry into the UK
will increase substantially. Currently, the fee for a Skilled Worker application for up to three years
stands at £625; under the new changes, this will increase to £718.75.

Certificate of Sponsorship

Additionally, the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) usually includes an assigning fee (£199 as of now)
and an Immigration Skills Charge (£364 per year for small businesses and £1,000 per year for larger
ones). Should the Immigration Skills Charge also increase, the cost of an individual application,
including IHS and CoS assigning fees, could potentially jump from around £3,800 to approximately
£5,400. This does not include fees for dependants, legal fees, English language tests, or tuberculosis
The fee increase may deter organisations from sponsoring non-UK nationals, thereby potentially
reducing the number of Skilled Workers entering the UK.

Mitigating Measures and Future Prospects

In an attempt to balance out the implications of these fee increases, the government plans to
equalise costs for students and those utilising a priority service, making the fees consistent whether
applicants are applying from within or outside the UK.

Biometric enrolment fee

Furthermore, a £19.20 biometric enrolment fee will be eliminated as the immigration system
becomes more digitalised, along with the £161 fee charged for an in-country transfer of conditions
for those with limited leave to remain.

Date of implementation

Although the date of implementation is yet to be announced, they are expected to be implemented
in the autumn of 2023. Therefore, those planning to apply for a UK visa may wish to expedite their
applications to avoid these impending increases.

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