NA Law obtains PR for frequently travelling EEA worker

Case study: successful PR application – periods of absences from the UK


Successful PR application – periods of absences from the UK

Our client was an EEA national who lived and worked in the UK and wished to make an application for a Permanent Residence  (PR) in the UK at the end of his 5 years of continuous residence in the UK. However, he travelled to Germany every weekend; due to this, he was uncertain about his eligibility to make a PR application and got in touch for advice.

After considerable examination of his case, our client was advised that he was, in fact, eligible for PR as his absences from the UK did not defy the rules on the period of absences. He was supported throughout the entire application, ensuring all information was correct and updated.

We also ensured, in the application, to explain to the Home Office that our client’s frequent yet brief absences demonstrated compliance with the rules and that he did not break his continuous period in the UK. After careful review of all information and documents, his application was sent to the Home Office.

Our client successfully received a PR card and he now had proof of his immigration status in the UK. Although his regular visits to Germany did not impact his ability to obtain PR, he was informed that continuing to do so it may affect his ability to obtain British nationality after a year.


Successful PR application – periods of absences from the UK

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