NA Law obtains successful PR card through Brexit uncertainty

Case study: Successful Permanent residence application

Successful permanent residence application

Our client had been splitting their working days between the UK and Switzerland for eight years. However, due to Brexit, he felt unsure about his future prospects in the UK.

NA Law Solicitors were pleased to provide him with the extra assistance he needed to ensure a smooth journey even in the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

As it stood, his place of residence was Switzerland; however, he was also renting a property in the UK. Our solicitor examined the client’s case extensively before deciding that applying for a Permanent Residence card was possible and advisable.

NA Law Solicitors drafted a letter to the Home Office explaining the importance of the client’s role specification and commuting necessities.

After extensive care and persistence, we succeeded in gathering enough supporting evidence to prove this point, prepared and reviewed the client’s documents to the highest standard and sent his application off to the Home Office.

Our client’s application was successful and he received an EEA permanent residence card. He now has permission with official proof to live and work in the UK permanently without any restrictions or ongoing requirements. He is now looking forward to applying for naturalisation as a British citizen with the help of our competent solicitors at NA Law Solicitors.

How can NA Law Solicitors help with a Permanent Residence application?

NA Law Solicitors has a successful track record of providing practical and cost-effective immigration service advice to individuals and businesses on all aspects of UK immigration law. Our expert lawyers are highly experienced in individual immigration and are able to give specialist legal information and advice on how to obtain a UK Spouse visa, as well as other related applications.

We specialise in immigration law for both businesses and individuals, applications made under the European regulation and British nationality law, including the following:

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