What is the quickest route to settlement in the UK?

What is the quickest route to settlement in the UK?

Settlement, also known as indefinite leave to remain, grants successful applicants
the right to live, work and study in the UK for as long as they like. It can then be used
to obtain British citizenship. There are various routes to settlement but generally you
will need to work or have family in the UK to do so. This post will focus on the quickest
route to settlement in the UK, as of June 2022.

Quickest route to settlement in the UK – settlement in three years

Under the old tier 1 category, there was an accelerated route to settlement after just
two years in the UK. However, this is no longer open to new applicants and the
fastest route to settlement is currently three years. There are two visas which allow
for this:

Innovator visa
Global Talent visa

The Innovator visa is for individuals looking to set up and run an innovative business
in the UK. As time spent on other visas does not count towards your qualifying
period of settlement when on this visa, all three years must be spent on the
Innovator visa itself.

The Global Talent visa is limited to leaders or potential leaders in the fields of arts
and culture, digital technology, and academia or research. To be eligible for
settlement after just three years on this visa, you will need to be endorsed by either
the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Royal Society or UK
Research and Innovation. If you are categorised as an exceptional talent, this list
also includes both the Arts Council England and Tech Nation. Alternatively, you can
apply for settlement within three years if you do not need an endorsement because
of an award you’ve won. Individuals on these visas can also use the time they’ve
spent on other visas to count towards their qualifying three year period.

Quickest route to settlement in the UK – settlement in five years

The standard length of time for all other visas that lead to settlement is five years.
Some of your options here are:

Skilled Worker visa
 Minister of Religion (T2) visa
 International Sportsperson visa
Family visa
Skilled Worker Dependent visa

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