Global Talent Visa

Is Global Talent beneficial?

Global talent has a more flexible approach. There are set requirements for the Global Talent visa that allows for an extension on your applications, though this is not the migrant may not want to pursue this route as an indefinite leave to remain can be achieved without it. However, in order to be eligible for an extension, it is important you can prove that you have earned sufficient money from working in the UK. All earnings must be from the job ‘expert field’ you have joined. The job you work in can be flexible within your endorsed category, meaning you can get any job within the same expert field as your initial one. Global Talent is very flexible.

What are the differences between the Global Talent visa and the Skilled Worker visa?

Though there are a number of differences between the Global Talent visa and the Tier 2/Skilled Worker visa, the most important is the way both applications are processed and whether or not it is mainly handled by the company or the applicant. For the Skilled Worker visa the individual needs to be offered a job that is associated within the UK, however, the company must hold a license to hold international workers. Companies who are authorised to employ internationals hold a license called ‘Licensed Sponsors’.

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