Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

A certificate of sponsorship is an electronic document containing details of the applicant’s employment in the UK. There are two types of sponsored visas for work: Skilled Worker and Intra-Company Transfer visa. 

As of 1 January 2021 the two types of sponsorship certificates (restricted and unrestricted) have been renamed, respectively:

  • Defined certificate: this certificate is for individuals overseas looking to apply for a Skilled Worker visa. An employer can apply for this certificate through the sponsorship management system after obtaining a license. Often the defined CoS is approved within one working day. The CoS will need to be given to the worker within 3 months after being issued for their visa application. 
  • Undefined certificate: this certificate is for individuals who are already in the UK and are applying for a skilled worker or any other visa. For employers applying for a license, you will be asked how many undefined certificates you think you will require in the first year. If within the first 12 months you use up all your certificates, you can apply for additional certificates via the sponsorship management system

Residential Labour Market Test (RLMT)

The Residential Labour Market test is no longer a requirement for employers. This will significantly reduce the waiting period for visa applicants. However it should be noted that the Home Office can inquire further in regards to the role whereby the sponsorship application can be either approved or denied. 

Before applying for a CoS…

Before applying for a CoS, the employer will need to obtain the right type of license. There are two types of licenses:

For further information on sponsorship licenses, please see our page on Tier 2 Sponsorship license. 

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