Nurses remain on shortage of occupation

Nurses remain on shortage of occupation

Tier 2

Nurses remain on shortage of occupationNurses are still on the shortage of occupation list

Working in the medical profession in the United Kingdom, we understand the vital importance of having highly skilled nurses who can use their expertise to assist with saving lives and providing comfort and care to those who urgently need it. Furthermore, we understand that at the present moment there is a huge strain on the National Health Service in particular, and having the appropriate level of workforce in place is invaluable in helping towards tackling this issue. At NA Law Solicitors, we are offering you specialist immigration services to assist you with sponsoring highly experienced nurses from non-EEA states.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) are the body responsible for compiling a list of occupations of which there are deemed to be a shortage of in the United Kingdom. Their report noted that nurses will remain on this list after they were informed from stakeholders of the ‘difficulties in the recruitment of nurses’. This was further emphasised through nurses being placed 47th out of 105 on the report’s shortage indicator rank, which is a score that determines the extent of shortages for a given occupation.

How will this affect Tier 2 applications?

This decision is good news for medical practices, as being placed on the shortage of occupation list provides advantages regarding the recruitment of highly skilled workers. These advantages include lifting the requirement of carrying out a resident labour market test, meaning that the employer does not have to prove that they have attempted to fill the vacancy domestically first, and lower fees for nurses as applicants for a Tier 2 visa. Employers must simply identify a suitable migrant for the role and apply for a sponsorship licence. Therefore, in a time of great need for the National Health Service, this will provide greater ease for hospitals and medical practices who are not able to acquire the specialist skills they need from the UK labour force, to access the international talent that is greatly needed.

How can NA Law help?

As specialists in business immigration, NA Law has a successful track record of sponsorship licence applications. This means we recognise the significance of the above information – the immigration rules are reflecting the high demand for nurses in the medical profession.

Therefore, if you are a hospital or a medical practice seeking to obtain a sponsorship licence to sponsor a nurse, take advantage of this great opportunity to add a highly skilled migrant to your workforce!

We can help you complete the requisite form and prepare detailed legal representations in support of why you require a sponsorship licence. In addition, we will ensure that you are thoroughly aware of your duties as a sponsor (particularly if this is your first sponsorship licence) by drafting detailed compliance documents that will help you adhere to the immigration rules. Such compliance duties are essential to avoid committing immigration offences.

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