NA Law obtains PR card for self-sufficient EEA national

Case study: Permanent Residence through self-sufficiency


Case study on PR through self-sufficiency


An Italian national contacted us with the intention to obtain a Permanent Residence (PR) card for himself. He had been in the UK for 7 years for which he was self-sufficient through income from Italy and several other countries.

Due to the fact that he had not sought recourse from public funds and had private medical insurance, he was eligible as a qualifying person in the UK.

We advised him on the relevant documents to gather in support of proving that our client was truly self-sufficient in the UK and would not be a burden on public funds, as he had not been for the last 7 years. To strengthen his case to the fullest, we requested specific documents from the client that are not mentioned in the policy guidance in order to create a foolproof application.

Our client subsequently received his PR card on the basis of self-sufficiency and is now able to prove his status to live in the UK indefinitely. He was grateful for our transparent and honest approach which kept him constantly informed during the entire process. Our client was extremely pleased with the fast responses and overall thorough communication which NA Law consistently maintained.

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