Advantages of applying for PR

Advantages of applying for PR


Benefits of acquiring PR

What are the benefits of acquiring PR?

If you are an EEA national that automatically has PR, you have the option to choose whether you want to apply for a PR card to confirm your immigration status in the UK.

So if it’s optional for EEA nationals, why is it advised to acquire one anyway?

With the current political climate serving uncertainty regarding EEA nationals’ rights in the UK, the government has taken some steps to solidify the rights of the EEA nationals who already have PR in the UK.

They have done this through the introduction of the ‘settled status’ scheme which will be introduced in 2019 after leaving the EU and will exist until 2021. During that time, EEA nationals will be able to exchange their PR card for a document confirming their settled status in the UK. This exchange will be free of charge and no additional proof will be required.

However, those who will not have a PR card when the scheme is introduced will have to prove that they are eligible for settled status. They will also have to pay the relevant fee, which has not yet been specified.

Main benefits of acquiring PR – the cost

Currently, under EU regulations, the cost for applying for a PR card is £65, which will remain so until the UK’s official departure in 2019; however, the settled status scheme will be conducted under UK immigration law and will not be obliged to follow EU pricing for immigration matters. This will have consequences for those who will not have PR cards at the time the scheme will be introduced, as  the UK will be able to decide their own prices for settled status applications, which are likely to be higher than the current cost of PR applications. As mentioned above, those who with PR cards will not be required to pay or provide further evidence.

Applying for PR is likely to be financially advantageous as a result of this change of legislators – if you are eligible for PR, you can apply and acquire a PR card before the implementation of the settled status scheme and save time and money to exchange it for a settled status document from 2019 – 2021.

In conclusion, you can currently obtain proof of your right to settle in the UK for just £65.

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