A successful Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa application

How did NA Law make a successful Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa application?


Successful Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa


A wealthy client from Russia consulted NA Law to inquire about starting a business in the UK as he wished to take advantage of the financial viability of the market in London. After we conducted several consultations to ensure that this visa was in fact the appropriate visa for him and his interests, we informed him we could help him make a successful application and that he was eligible.

Once we were satisfied that he could benefit from this visa, we thoroughly investigated his background, including his education and entrepreneurial experience in order to ensure he would gain credibility from the Home Office. We guided him on the creation of a business plan to ensure it accurately reflected his ability to carry out his business proposition in the UK. Although the business plan itself was made by professionals, NA Law worked with them to ensure no detail was left out that may have hindered the success of our client’s application.

As the cornerstone of the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa, we prepped our client extensively for the Genuine Entrepreneur test that includes a Home Office interview to assess the credibility of the applicant and their business plan. We ensured our client had perfect knowledge of the contents of his business plan as we know that many applications fail on the basis of applicants not demonstrating enough knowledge of their proposal.

Surely enough, our client was granted an Entrepreneur visa despite the Home Office’s notorious rates of refusal of the same. Our client thanked us profusely for assisting him throughout every step of the way to provide him with refreshing honesty and transparency. Although the application process was complex, time-consuming and often frustrating, our meticulous approach to detail ensured the application was at its highest possible standard at the time of submitting.

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NA Law specialises in high-net- worth immigration and has extensive experience in achieving entrepreneurial goals for wealthy individuals. Do you have a similar goal? Take the first step towards making it reality by contacting us for a free case assessment.

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