What is the pre-licence priority service?

Pre-licence priority service


A pre-licence priority service is for businesses who need a sponsorship licence and, this particular
service gives them priority over a regular service at an extended rate, allowing the
process to be completed quickly.

A standard licence service takes around 2 months to be processed, however if you’re
a priority then, providing you have given all the documents required, the process
should take around 10 days to be completed. This service will cost an additional
£500 compared to a normal service.

Potential disadvantages of the pre-licence priority service

One issue with priority service is the extended rate. Furthermore, you will not always be accepted
for this process as there are only a certain number of cases that can be taken a
day. There are a few reasons for why this may be the case. Firstly, you would have
to apply within the operating hours of the Home Office – meaning if you apply outside
these certain hours you will most likely be denied this service. Additionally, your request
could be ineligible for the service.

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If time is of the essence and you need a prioritised service you should speak to an
immigration solicitor who would be able to resolve the issue for you by giving your
request the best chance for approval.

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