Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Compliance Home Office Visits to IT Companies

Tier 2 sponsor Licence Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Duties

It is not easy for tech firms to prove their compliance with all Sponsor Licence duties during the Home Office inspection visit.

Many tech companies are keen on recruiting talent from outside the EEA to stay up to date with the latest technology trends and to expand the business. In order to achieve this many of them enter into contracts with other companies managing third party IT projects, which do not always satisfy the compliance requirement for employing non-EU workers.

Continue reading to find out what duties your business may have to comply with and how we can help you do this.

What is a Sponsor Licence Compliance Inspection?

Sponsor Licence holders must follow the rules and regulations established in the Tier 2 and 5 Sponsor Guidance.

The Home Office is currently increasing the number of unannounced checks of Sponsor Licence holders and is adopting a zero-tolerance policy towards those who fails to comply with them.

Failure to comply with regulations may result in fines, penalties and the suspension or revocation of the Sponsor Licence, which may have a disastrous impact on the business and its image.

It is therefore essential to ensure that all the strict regulations are followed when employing migrant workers and that Sponsor Licence holders are fully prepared for a Home Office inspection visit at all times.

What are some examples of Sponsor Licence Compliance Duties and Responsibilities?

To be able to apply for the licence under Tier 2 or Tier 5, an organisation has to meet the following compliance duties:

  • Monitoring immigration status and preventing illegal employment
  • Maintaining migrant contact details
  • Other record keeping
  • Monitoring and reporting migrant activity
  • Ensuring that relevant professional registrations and accreditations have been obtained
  • Reporting various changes of circumstances to the sponsor
  • Complying with the relevant law
  • Cooperating with the Home Office

It is also a requirement for the organisation to have staff who is:

  • Sufficiently trained in their areas of compliance
  • Aware of the importance of complying and the implications for failing to do so
  • Aware of others who have responsibility and the scope of their responsibility

IT Sponsor Licence Compliance Inspection by Home Office Visit

Meeting the requirements for a Sponsor Licence Compliance Inspection is not easy, which is why we are here to help so that you can focus on globalising your business. NA Law will assist and prepare your IT Company for a Home Office inspection, ensuring that that all compliance requirements are met.

We can help you with:

  • Record keeping
  • Residence Labour Market Test
  • Documents and details for all sponsored workers
  • Right to Work checks
  • Appropriate management of all leave issues

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