Tier 1 Genuine Entrepreneur test overview

Tier 1 Genuine Entrepreneur test overview

Below is a Tier 1 Genuine Entrepreneur test overview that outlines what to consider when faced with the Genuine Entrepreneur test. It includes important factors the Home Office takes into account when assessing your application.

Please note that it does not list all of the requirements nor the complexities of the application and is not intended to replace professional advice.

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Tier 1 Genuine Entrepreneur test overview

The business plan is the most crucial element of a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa application. Applicants must make sure their business plan is detailed, thorough and accurate. It must also contain an in-depth market analysis to demonstrate the applicant’s awareness of and expertise in their respective field.

The CV accompanying the application should highlight the applicant’s relevant expertise and experience in the field. Both education and practical experience must show that the applicant is capable of executing their business proposal.

The business idea must be convincing and credible. The applicant must demonstrate in their business plan that they have a realistic chance of succeeding in realising their business, have considered and accounted for potential set-backs and are able to carry out their venture in a variety of circumstances.

The applicant needs to have confidence in their business plan and idea, and it is important that this comes across in their application.

It is vital that the applicant has the relevant experience in their respective field and is capable of carrying out the role that they wish to pursue.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa applications are highly complex which is why expert legal advice should be sought from the outset. NA Law Solicitors are highly experienced in this field and can assist you with every step of your application. Please get in touch for a free initial 15-minute consultation. 

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