The UK’s Displaced Talent Mobility Pilot

What is it?

The UK Government has launched the Displaced Talent Mobility Pilot, which has been designed in collaboration with Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB). The pilot’s aim is to help identify and address the administrative and legal barriers that refugees and other forcibly displaced job seekers face when they seek to move internationally as skilled workers.

Over the next 1-2 years, the pilot will give approximately 50-100 primary applicants and their families the opportunity to move to the UK for work in a variety of critical fields including IT, construction and engineering.

How will it work?

Under the pilot, employers who hire through a competitive, remote recruitment will be able to sponsor TBB candidates via the Skilled Worker Route. 

These applicants will receive priority processing, and case management support to overcome administrative barriers such as accessing passports or travel documents, employment references, and tax records. 

Candidates will also have access to safeguards in the event that they lose their job to ensure they are not returned to a country where they may face danger. As with other international skilled workers, TBB candidates will be entitled to a 5 year Skilled Worker Visa, and then Indefinite Leave to Remain (providing the relevant criteria is met).

This pilot seeks to establish a ‘proof of concept’ and also test whether a more permanent solution (eg. a Displaced Talent Visa) is viable and/or necessary.

How can employers participate in this pilot?

To participate in the pilot, UK employers must be willing to hire and sponsor displaced talent through the Skilled Worker Route. 

In order to begin the process of identifying suitable candidates, employers should register their interest via TBB’s website or contact their UK Director, Marina Brizar, for more information regarding this.

How can displaced job seekers participate in this pilot?

To participate in the pilot, a displaced person must be screened by TBB and must also have a job offer from a UK employer. Participants will be highly skilled people who have been forced to flee their homes. This includes refugees, stateless people, and others. (See further eligibility criteria here).

To be considered for employment, displaced professionals must register on TBB’s Talent Catalog and provide detailed information about their skills, education and work history.

What jobs can displaced people take up in the UK under this pilot and how long will it take for the visa to be granted?

Participants may be hired to work in any occupation eligible under the Skilled Worker Route. However, occupations that are on the Shortage Occupations List will be prioritised.

Additionally, visa applications that are done under this pilot program will receive free priority processing ie. a five-day turnaround (although some more complex cases may not be deliverable within this timeframe). This ,therefore, represents a cost saving of approximately £500.

Once a visa is granted TBB will work with employers to make arrangements for the relocation of successful candidate/s to the UK.

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