Successful Sponsorship Licence Application for a Small Media Production Company


A small media production company approached us asking for our assistance in applying for a sponsorship licence and preparing compliance documents. The company is a multicultural research and creative agency which specialises in video production, video creation, marketing, content creation, and communications. They have a high social media following and have worked with a number of big brands across global cities.  They wanted to apply for a sponsorship licence to hire foreign workers to combat the skills shortages that they were facing as a result of Brexit and the lockdown. The company required a sponsorship licence to expand and grow its business by recruiting more people in its research, strategy, and creative departments. The company identified X for the position of Market Research Analyst due to her extensive experience as a Researcher. X’s Tier 2 (General) visa was due to expire shortly so we expedited the sponsorship licence application. We collated all the relevant supporting documents and prepared the legal representations within 5 working days. 


How did NA Law Solicitors help?


NA Law Solicitors advised the company on the necessary information and documents required for their sponsorship licence application and guided them step-by-step on the application process. We worked with the company to understand the nature of their business in order to convey the need for a sponsorship licence to the Home Office in our legal representations. The company required a sponsorship licence because their business was struggling to recruit locally due to skills shortages. We promptly prepared and submitted the sponsorship licence application which best reflected the business’ genuine needs and plans for expansion. By using our services, the company felt confident that all information and documentation provided was accurate and compliant with the policy guidance set out by the Home Office.


In addition to assisting with the sponsorship licence application, NA Law Solicitors assisted the company to understand their obligations as a sponsor and prevent non-compliance with those duties including, relevant HR record-keeping and reporting functions. We advised the company on the human resources and recruitment systems required to fulfil their duties of sponsorship and provided the necessary guidance needed to be ready for a possible compliance visit or request for further information. By assisting with adherence to compliance requirements, we made the process as straightforward and effortless as possible. 


Why should you instruct NA Law Solicitors?


NA Law Solicitors offers bespoke tailored legal advice to a range of high-earning clients. With us, you are promised efficiency, attention to detail, and transparency of fees. We also offer the opportunity to pay in instalments for ease of mind. This ensures that you can focus on taking your business to the next level and above competitors, whilst we focus on what we are good at, obtaining your sponsorship licence as skillfully as possible. Another key component of our service is prompt and constant communication which keeps you informed on the progress of your application. 


The Result


With our expert knowledge and guidance, the company’s sponsorship licence was approved within 5 working days having paid for a priority service. They are now an A-rated sponsor that is able to recruit employees from outside the UK. We are confident that the company will be fully compliant with their sponsorship duties as long as they follow our advice. NA Law Solicitors also worked with the company to assign an undefined certificate of sponsorship to the candidate and assist with their Skilled Worker visa application on a priority basis.


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