Sponsorship Licence Application – Priority Processing 

Sponsorship Licence Application was given a ‘priority processing’ system on 12th November 2020. The Sponsorship Application was granted by the Home Office to authorise employment of a non-UK resident. However, the process for this application can take a number of weeks thus, a priority processing system was introduced to drastically reduce the time it takes for it to be successfully processed, at an extra cost. This method has been highly recommended by Home Office for the use of Businesses applying for a Sponsor Licence; as it has been anticipated that the process time will go from 2 months to at least 5-10 working days. As of 1 January 2021, employers who do not hold a valid Sponsorship Licence will be prohibited from employing any migrant workers from this date. Therefore, it is highly recommended that businesses make an application at their latest convenience. 

What is required for the application?

However, there are existing requirements that have been put in place by the Home Office in order for you to be eligible to apply. To start with, the employer must prove their organisation is not only genuine, but also that it operates within the UK, along with a reliable and honest ‘key personnel’. Each key personnel selected will have a background check conducted towards them by the Home Office, this will establish their eligibility for the roles provided. The requirements can differ depending on the type of sponsorship you are applying for as the skilled worker sponsorship licence requires evidence of the employment being held at an appropriate rate of pay and it also must meet the required skill level. 

How to apply 

The application process can be made online, it is important to note that documentation will be required and so it is vital to have these all prepared. Missing documents or incorrect documents can lead to delays and additional costs towards your application. Under the new Sponsorship Licence Application Priority Service, speeding up the process has a cost at £500, this is to be paid prior to submission of the application. Once an application is successful and has been approved, it is important that the employer understands what is required from them to avoid any unnecessary breaches.

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