Shortage of Occupation list Expansion

Shortage of occupation The Expansion of the shortage of occupation list – Tier 2 Visa

British based businesses will now have easier access to skilled workers due to the recent changes to the Immigration Rules. On Monday 9th September 2019 the immigration minister announced that more occupations will now be added to the shortage of occupation list.

The Tier 2 shortage of occupation list contains a list of occupations recognised by the Migration Advisory Committee. These occupations are those considered to be in national shortage which, they assess would be reasonable to fill through non-EEA migration. The shortage of occupations list will now include, veterinarians, architects and web designers.

Employers will now not be required to complete a resident labour market test and will also be exempt from the minimum salary thresholds. These changes will make it easier for migrants within these fields to obtain a Tier 2 Visa.

The Home Office outlined that the changes would allow employers to advertise job vacancies for occupations included in the shortage of occupation list, to all nationalities making it easier for them to access the international talent pool.

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