Religious Worker Visa

Religious Worker Visa

The new Religious Worker Visa has replaced the T5 (Temporary Worker) Religious Worker Visa.
The visa applies to anyone wishing to come to the UK to do religious work in a non-pastoral
role or religious order.

In order to obtain a Religious Worker visa, a successful applicant needs to have a certificate
of sponsorship from a licensed UK sponsor, be over 18 years old and have enough money
(at least £1,270) to support himself before applying.

Successful applicants will be given a visa to live and work in the UK for up to a year, or up to
28 days more than the time on the applicant’s certificate of sponsorship. It is possible that
the sponsorship certificate may be issued for a shorter period than 12 months. Processing of
the application by the Home Office usually takes up to 3 weeks if the applicant is outside the
UK, and 8 weeks if the applicant is inside the UK.’

There are certain activities applicants can and cannot do under the Temporary Religious
Worker visa, including:
● Study – for some courses, the applicant will need to obtain an Academic Technology
Approval Scheme certificate
● Work for the sponsor in the job described in the applicant’s certificate
● Do a second job in the same sector at the same level as the applicant’s main job,
only up to 20 hours per week outside the hours of the main job
● Do a job on the Skilled Worker shortage occupation list up to 20 hours per week
outside the hours of the main job
● Bring the applicant’s partner and children as the ‘dependants’, only if they are eligible
Workers under Temporary Religious Worker visas will not be eligible for any public funds.

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