Proposed changes to Student Visa Rules

Student Visa Rules Ministers reverse May-era Student Visa Rules

International students will be allowed to stay in the UK for two years following graduation to find a job.

The proposed change reverses the decision made in 2012 by then-home secretary Theresa May. Under Mrs. May’s policy, students only have a four-month period to secure a job. Those students who fail to find a job are forced to leave the country.

The change will apply to international students in the UK. The government announced that under the proposal international students would be offered an extended post-study work visa. This proposal is planned to take effect from next year and will increase international students chances of finding long-term employment after studying.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented that the change would see students “unlock their potential” and start careers in the UK.

Under the proposal, students must be studying at an institution with a track record in upholding immigration checks. There will be no restriction on the kinds of jobs students would have to seek. Additionally, there will also be no cap on the numbers.

The proposal has been received with praise from the higher education sector. The vice-chancellor of the University of Nottingham commented that the proposal represented “a piece of good news for change”.

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