Mayor of London Sadiq Khan urges government to lower EU salary threshold

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has urged the government to change the £30,000 salary requirement for foreign workers, including EU migrants, post-Brexit. If not done, Khan fears that it would ultimately have a hugely negative impact on London’s public services and economy as it would lead to major staff shortages. He states that it ‘would prevent the recruitment of long -term migrant workers.’

These staff shortages, states Khan, are likely to materialise in the hotel, construction and restaurant sectors. He fears that it will further add to the majorly understaffed NHS and social care, leaving London and the UK vulnerable to low-economic standing.

Khan believes that the new imposed salary requirements neglects the reality that the UK, and London especially, very much depend on EU workers.

Currently, EU migrants can rely on free movement to enter the UK. However, a no-deal Brexit is looking more likely. It has been proposed by the government that all who are considered foreign workers, including EU migrants, will have to meet this new threshold.

Sadiq Khan has stated that this is not necessary. Instead, the EU visa minimum salary requirement should be £21,000, the living wage of London, which he hopes may still induce and encourage EU migration post – Brexit.

Khan has stated publicly that he strongly encourages the government to ‘fully recognise the positive impact immigration and Freedom of Movement has had in London and the UK.’

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