Introduction to The Secondment Worker Visa


The Global Business Mobility (GBM) routes were introduced earlier this year encouraging overseas
businesses that wished to establish a presence within the UK. The GBM routes allow overseas
businesses to transfer workers to the UK for temporary work assignments. While each GBM route
facilitates this movement between foreign countries and the UK, they all have different procedures
and requirements. The Secondment Worker visa is one of five Global Business Mobility routes.

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What is the Secondment Worker visa?

The Secondment Worker visa allows overseas businesses to transfer their employees to undertake
an eligible job for a different organisation within the UK. However, not all overseas businesses can
use this route as a key requirement is that the overseas business must have a high-value contract or
investment with the UK organisation that is sponsoring the transfer.

What are the eligibility requirements?

The main requirements for a Secondment Worker visa are:
 – You must do a job in the UK which is on the list of eligible occupations
 – You must be an existing employee of an overseas business and that overseas business must
have a high-value contract with your UK sponsor that has been approved by the Home Office
 – You must have worked for your overseas employer for at least 12 months outside the UK
 – You must have a certificate of sponsorship from your UK sponsor which explicitly states the
work that you will undertake within the UK.

How long can you stay in the UK on this visa?

Depending on which the shorter period is you can stay in the UK on the Secondment Worker visa for
 – 12 months after the start date of the job detailed in your certificate of sponsorship
 – The time that is given on your certificate of sponsorship plus an additional 14 days
There is an option to extend this visa by 12 months should you wish to stay longer in the UK.

However, the maximum amount of time that can be spent in the UK on a Secondment Worker visa is
2 years.

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