How to make a successful business plan for an Innovator Visa application?

How to make a successful business plan for an Innovator Visa application?

The UK innovator Visa is an immigration route for entrepreneurs and innovators seeking to start a business in the UK. The visa is designed to attract talented individuals to the UK, who can contribute to the economy by creating businesses that have the potential to grow. Applying for an Innovator Visa can be a complex process, and one of the most important steps is creating a viable business plan. It is essential to have a clear plan of action that shows the Home Office how your business will be beneficial to the UK economy.

In order to be successful in this route, you will need to provide an innovative, scalable, and viable business plan to an endorsing body that ‘meets new or existing market needs and/or creates competitive advantage.’

The Home Office requires your proposed business idea to be innovative, scalable, and viable.


In the business plan, you must show that your idea is innovative. To do this, you should include an overview of the product or service you are offering and the competitive advantages your business has over existing competitors. Moreover, you should explain how your genuine idea is original. Some questions to ask yourself when thinking about innovation are;

  • How is the business original?
  • How does the business meet new or existing market needs?
  • Will the business create a competitive advantage to the market?
  • How will the business positively impact the UK economy?


To prove that your business is scalable, you should include detail about how you intend to grow your business and how you will adapt to changes in the market. Summarise the scalability of the business and its ability to grow. Detail what internal and external conditions will be needed in order to scale up the business. Particularly, the guidance published by the Home Office suggests that you should consider the following;

  • Does the business plan show evidence of structured planning?
  • How will the business create opportunities for long-term job creation?
  • Is there a plan for growth into national and international markets?

Additionally, you should also include a timeline of when you intend to reach certain milestones and a detailed financial plan that outlines projected costs and revenue. This should help to demonstrate that your business is able to scale and grow over time.


The endorsing body wants to see that your business plan is realistic and that you have the skills to deliver on the details so that it can survive in the current market. It will be useful to analyse the viability of the business in the current environment, including its potential risks and opportunities. Also, present an action plan for mitigating risks and capitalising on opportunities. The endorsing body will take into account your available resources and compare these with your goals, in order to assess whether your plan is achievable and sustainable. You should consider the following;

  • Can you illustrate any transferable skills from any previous jobs that prove that you have the relevant expertise to deliver your business ideas?
  • What are the long-term profit goals of the business?
  • What plans/systems do you have in place to challenge the competition?

How can NA Law Solicitors help you create a successful business plan?

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