Investor visa Extension

A Tier 1 Investor visa lasts for 3 years and 4 months. A Tier 1 Investor Visa extension for a further 2 years you must provide certain documentation to show you remain eligible.

The Home Office changed the rules for this visa in March 2019. They have imposed more challenging requirements on Tier 1 Investor Visa renewal applications.

The Tier 1 Investor Visa extension process is highly involved; it requires you to submit extensive documentation to evidence your investment activity during your stay. Failure to present a comprehensive and up-to-date application can lead to delays and even to a refusal.

How can I extend my Tier 1 Investor Visa?

If you successfully applied for an Investor Visa before March 2019, you will be subject to the old visa extension rules until April 2023. The deadline for settlement applications is 5 April 2025.

However, if you applied and were granted your visa prior to 6 November 2014: extension applications can be made until 6 April 2020, while the last date you can apply for settlement is 6 April 2022.

You will need to provide extensive documentation proving you meet the criteria.

Can Tier 1 Investor visa holders apply to settle in the UK?

You may be eligible to apply for settlement if you have spent:

  • 2 years in the UK and have invested £10 million
  • 3 years in the UK and have invested £5 million
  • 5 years in the UK and have invested £2 million.

Extending a Tier 1 Investor visa granted before 6 November 2014

You can only apply for an extension if you have:

  • £1 million under your control in the UK  and have invested at least 75% of this in UK government bonds, share or loan capital in active UK companies
  • Invested the remaining balance in the UK by the purchase of assets or by maintaining the money on deposit in a UK regulated financial institution
  • You have invested this amount within 3 months of their “investor start date” 
  • Maintained the investment for the length of the visa

Extending a Tier 1 Investor visa granted between 6 November 2014 and 28 March 2019

The Home Office will require you to satisfy the following:

You will have invested at least £2 million in the UK in UK Government bonds, share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK registered companies. Moreover, you will have invested this sum within 3 months of your investor start date and maintained the investment for the length of the visa.

Extending a Tier 1 Investor visa granted on or after 29 March 2019

If your initial Tier 1 Investor visa was granted on or after the 29 March 2019, to qualify for an extension you will need to satisfy the new UK Visas & Immigration rules. You will have:

  • Invested no less than £2 million in the UK by way of share capital or loan in active UK registered companies
  • Invested this sum within 3 months from your “investor start date” 
  • Maintained this level of investment for the whole length of your visa

Investor start date refers either to:

  • The date you came into the UK if there is evidence to establish tour entry date
  • The date of your initial visa application or switch from a different visa category. (if there is no proof of evidence as to the date of entry)

Documents required to support a Tier 1 Investor Extension Application

You must provide Investment portfolio reports certified by a regulated financial institution proving you have invested the funds in qualifying investments.

Furthermore, you must also provide the following evidence:

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Documents in support of your investment
  • Original valid passport and any expired passport in your possession
  • Original valid Biometric Residence Permit
  • Two new passport photographs 

How NA Law Solicitors can help

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