High Potential Individual Visa

What is the High Potential Individual Visa?

The UK government has announced a brand new High Potential Individual Visa whereby eligible applicants will be able to work in the UK without already having a job offer. This new visa was announced as part of the UK government’s new Innovation Strategy and will still be under the current points-based immigration system .   

The importance of this new route cannot be overlooked. Under the proposed new visa, sponsorship licenses will no longer be required for UK employers who aim to employ those who are considered ‘High Potential Individuals’. 


To qualify as a High Potential Individual , you must have graduated from a ‘top global university’. However, there is currently no guidance or clarification as to what constitutes a top global university. There are no other requirements as of yet. 

Advantages of the High Potential Individual Visa

  • You do not need to have a job offer in order to come to the UK
  • The applicants will have the opportunity to bring innovation to the UK
  • With this visa, you will also be able to settle in the UK or extend a current visa
  • More contributions to the UK economy 

Not many details have been released as of yet about the new High Potential Individual Visa route ,apart from the university graduate requirement. 

Keep an eye on the NA Law Solicitors website: News and Articles page as we update this article when more information is published about the High Potential Individual Visa by the UK government. 

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