EUSS Administrative Review

EUSS Administrative Review

I have been refused the Settlement Status, what next?

What is Administrative Review?

An administrative review, in other words, is reconsideration of your immigration status,
following refusal by the UK Home Office. If your application for a pre-settled or settled status
has been refused, you can challenge the decision via administrative review process.
However, not every case will be eligible for review. Usually, your decision letter will say
whether you are entitled to “eligible decision” or not.


After finding out whether you have been granted an eligible decision, only then they can
apply for an administrative review if you think that:

● The original decision-maker failed to apply, or incorrectly applied the Appendix EU
● The original decision-maker failed to apply, or incorrectly applied the published
guidance in relation to the application process
● There is information or evidence that was not before the original decision-maker,
which shows that the applicant qualifies for a grant, or a different grant, of leave
under Appendix EU

Time limits apply therefore it is crucial that you make your application for AR within 28 days
from the date of receiving the decision. The fees for Administrative Review are £80 per one
application submitted.

You may be eligible to a fees refund if your review for application was successful and your
status is granted, or if your application for a review was refused on the validity grounds.

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