Delay in Visa Application Process; What are my Options?

Delay in Visa Application Process; What are my Options?

When the consular representative during the visa interview finds that more screening is required before the visa may be given, there may be a delay in the visa application process. The consular official will state that administrative processing is necessary for the application. 

Applications are subjected to administrative processing for various reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Concern that type of research/work/area of study involves a sensitive technology
  • Name of applicant is similar to a name on a government watch list
  • Applicant is a citizen of a country that has been designated as a country of concern, including North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Sudan, Iran and Libya.

If your application is subject to administrative processing, the consular officer should send you a document informing you of the further steps and giving you information on how to monitor the progress of your application. 

The time it takes to complete your visa might range from two weeks to several months. Although there is no way to speed up the procedure, make sure to get in touch with your OVIS advisor if you find yourself in this predicament. The Department of State might be contacted by OVIS in 60 days after the date of your visa interview.

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