Common mistakes to avoid when making a Tier 1 Extension Application

Common mistakes to avoid when making a Tier 1 Extension Application

Common mistakes to avoid when making a Tier 1 Extension Application

Once an initial Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is granted, it is valid for 3 years and 4 months, after which time applicants can request for an extension for a further 2 years.

However, the fact that an initial visa was granted does not mean the extension application will be straightforward. Due to the complexity of the application, the gathering of the relevant documents should be started at least 6 months before the expiry of the initial visa in order to prepare for potential setbacks. Obtaining some documents in the correct format may be difficult or time consuming, but ultimately necessary to provide the Home Office with everything they need to assess your business activity.

Applicants will be scrutinised by the Home Office to confirm whether they have met the terms of their visa since the granting of the initial application; therefore, it is more important than ever before to put forward the best application possible.

Common mistakes to avoid when applying for a Tier 1 extension

  • Failing to invest the funds stated in the initial application – applicants must have spent either the £50,000 or £200,000 from respective sources into the purpose stated in the initial application
  • Failing to record the proof of investment adequately – applicants should provide proof of spending into the business to demonstrate that the funds have been invested as appropriate. Applicants are advised to consult an professional to ensure a high standard of record-keeping is achieved before making an extension application
  • Failing to carry out the necessary registrations – applicants must have registered as self-employed with HMRC within 6 months of the initial visa, or with Companies House as a director of a UK company or member of a UK partnership at least 3 months before the extension application
  • Failing to create the required jobs – applicants must have created a minimum of 2 full time jobs that last for 12 months for those settled in the UK
  • Failing to adhere to job creation requirements – a full time job has specific requirements that must be followed, including the hours per week and the amount of time the job has existed for
  • Failing to prove genuineness as an Entrepreneur – the Home Office must be convinced the applicant is still a genuine entrepreneur and knows how to run a business alongside the market it is operating in. It is essential for the applicant to prepare answers to questions regarding their knowledge and awareness as an entrepreneur as well as any weaknesses in the business
  • Failing to provide supporting documentation

Applicants must score 75 points under the Extension Applications points table in regards to the points mentioned above.

As a specialist immigration team, we can offer you a compliance service and ensure your records are accurate and up to date with the constantly changing requirements. If you are looking to extend your Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa or are seeking advice on any other aspect of the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa, please get in touch for a free initial 15-minute consultation.

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