Citizenship Through Investment

Citizenship Through Investment

Citizenship through investment is the process in which an individual can obtain citizenship from an
additional country due to their investment in its economy. Many countries offer citizenship through
investment because it attracts wealthy individuals into their country. As a result, these countries obtain
innovative and entrepreneurial talent from around the world and there is an increase in spending and
foreign investment. Typically, investors will buy shares and bonds from either the government or local
companies in the country that they are aiming to become a citizen.

High-net-worth individuals utilise these programs to create more options for themselves. There is the
opportunity to obtain a new passport which could provide them to visa free travel for many other
countries. The investors are able to reside in a new country and pursue a new business venture or
choose to study at a prestigious university. Additionally, these investment programs tend allow these
investors to also bring their family members into the country.

Until recently the UK participated in a program that was akin to citizenship through investment. The Tier
1 Investor visa was created in 2008 and enabled wealthy individuals to settle in the UK after contributing
significant investments into the economy. To obtain this visa applicants had to possess at least £2
million and invest in UK trading companies. By doing so, applicants could settle within the UK after 5
years on this route. However, earlier this year the Home Secretary announced that Tier 1 Investor route
was to be closed after security concerns and becoming aware that it was aiding illegal activity.

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