Cheapest Visas for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Visas – What are the Cheapest Options?

Following changes to the Immigration Rules back in 2019, the traditional Tier 1
Entrepreneur visa routes were closed to new applicants. They were replaced by the
Innovator and Start-up visas, which opened on 29th March 2019.

This article will examine which options are the cheapest visas for entrepreneurs.

In determining the cheapest option, applicants will want to consider both the initial
capital investment requirement as well as the respective application fees. For an
overview of the two visas, see our separate pages dedicated to the Innovator Visa
and the Start-up Visa.

In short, the Start-up visa is undoubtedly the cheaper option. There is no minimum
investment requirement, and the application fee is just £378 (outside UK) or £508
(inside UK). The downside to this visa is that it is not a route to settlement, whereas
the Innovator visa is. However, with the Innovator visa, applicants will need to prove
they have at least £50,000 in investment funds and be able to evidence where these
funds came from. The application fee is also on the higher end at £1,036 (outside
UK) and £1,292 (inside UK).

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