Case study: Successful Tier 1 Investor visa application

A successful Tier 1 Investor visa application made by NA Law


Successful Tier 1 Investor visa application

NA Law Solicitors was approached by a client from China, who owned a successful chain of supply stores and owned a number of properties in her country of origin. Due to the prospects of a better life and world-class education the client wished to relocate to the UK.

During an initial phone consultation, an expert immigration lawyer from NA Law Solicitors discussed with the client the details of her situation and what the appropriate visa route to the UK would be. As the client had a reasonable amount of funds, we advised her to apply for a Tier 1 Investor visa. Following an in-depth screening process and evaluation of potential obstacles, it was confirmed this visa option was the most suitable.

NA Law Solicitors supported the client in every step of the Tier 1 Investor visa application to ensure she met all the necessary requirements to form a strong case. This included facilitating the correct flow of funds with a UK-regulated bank account prior to submitting the application. NA Law Solicitors work closely with specialist financial experts who can assist with any financial complications and accounts.

In addition, our team assisted the client in her search for housing, education and information on healthcare in order to facilitate a smooth transition into life in the UK for both the client and her family.

The client’s application for a Tier 1 Investor visa was successful despite the difficulty to obtain the visa and she and her family have relocated to the UK and are settling in happily.

How can NA Law Solicitors help with a Tier 1 Investor visa application?

NA Law Solicitors has a successful track record of providing practical and cost-effective immigration service advice to businesses and individuals on all aspects of UK immigration law. Our expert lawyers are highly experienced in corporate and individual immigration and are able to give specialist legal information and advice on how to make a successful Tier 1 Investor visa application.

We specialise in UK immigration law for both businesses and individuals, applications made under the European regulation and British nationality law, including the following:

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