Case study: Successful Sole Representative Visa Application

Sole representativeBackground

Our client, a Pakistani national, is the Managing Director of a fast-growing company based
in Pakistan.

Our client played a significant role in the development of the company from a small, family-
run business to a large international exporter. His understanding of specific industry
requirements allowed the company to ensure that the product range sourced from Pakistan
could cater for these needs.

Due to an increase in international clientele, the company wanted to establish a branch in
the UK. The client contacted NA Law Solicitors for advice on the Sole Representative of an
Overseas Business Visa.

Sole Representative Visa applications can be complicated as the criteria are quite lengthy.
The applicant is required to present a variety of documentation in order to substantiate that
they meet these criteria.

Client’s company status

The company was not a fully incorporated business but traded as a sole proprietor when the
client came to NA Law Solicitors for advice. Our experts at NA Law Solicitors caught this
detail and realised that it may become a cause for refusal. Our lawyers, therefore, advised
the client to change the model of the company from a sole proprietorship, and have it
registered as a fully incorporated business.

Although the client had doubts about the success of his application due to having the company only recently fully incorporated, we assured them that they had a strong case and
need not stress.

Our experts thoroughly analysed all the documentation provided and ensured that there
were no mistakes before submitting the application. Our extensive efforts bore fruit when
the Home Office granted our client the visa without any hindrance or delay in the process.

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